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Interview Ersan ERZİ

Interview Ersan ERZİ

As Reymak Machinery, we have been carrying out design and production operations for the converting industry since our establishment. Considering the widespread B2B activities in our country, we can call the converting industry a very niche market as a business activity. When we say ‘Converting’, we mean the refining and cutting of large master rolls of flexible plastic and paper packaging and printing materials. Plastic and paper converting processes are carried out by printing, laminating and cutting machines. All companies that manufacture these machines and related components make up the converting industry.

Reymak Machinery has become an important stakeholder of the converting industry with its ability to manufacture friction shafts and friction rings for the machine group, which is called slitting machines. Our company, which has been focussing on the design and R&D activities of these two product groups since 2006, has changed its design of friction rings in 2016 and reinforced its expertise in this field with its Sthill brand.

The development project of the safety chucks product group was completed and the first lots were ready to be offered to customers in 2017. Safety Chucks; It is an important machine component in slitting, laminating and coating machinery, which provides the rotating bearing of the shaft placed inside the machine. In the safety chucks we developed, the rotating section consists of one piece without welding and assembling, thus increasing the operation safety of the product. However, the parts of the two safety chucks of the same types and dimensions can be replaced with each other so that the parts that are worn out due to use can be replaced without the need to replace the entire safety chucks. Our company aspires to ensure benefits to the Converting Industry and develop solutions and will continue to promote the Sthill brand in global markets.

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