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Friction Shaft (Aluminum Ring)

Suitable for Core Diameters 1,5” - 16”

The pneumatic torque control of these friction shafts with three or more bladder grooves is achieved by means of plastic strips or oiled natural felt strips. These brake pads, as we call them, transmit the pressure, generated by flat tubes underneath, to the inner diameter surfaces of the friction rings. This design allows for the even distribution of the air pressure to each friction ring and thereby the transmission of the same tension to each cut. Rolls produced on a friction shaft will always have the same web tension. Even the simultaneous production of rolls in different widths at the same tension is possible. This indirect friction shaft prevents the contact between the shaft and the paper core and thereby prevents dust generation.

  • Suitable for core diameters from 1,5” to 16” mm
  • Shaft body diameters from 25 to 300 mm
  • Hard chrome plated shaft body
  • Electroless nickel plated shaft ends and bladder grooves
  • Fixed friction pads

Friction Shaft Journal Types
Square - Round - Triangle - Flanged

Friction Shaft (Aluminum Ring) 1
Friction Shaft (Aluminum Ring) 2
Friction Shaft (Aluminum Ring) 3
Friction Shaft (Aluminum Ring) 4
Friction Shaft (Aluminum Ring) 5