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Defying Gravity


STHILL Ring (Steel)

Suitable for winding cores between 1,5” - 16”

Other dimensions upon request

Say goodbye to leaf springs

Our company, which has adopted innovation as a principle, revolutionized the friction ring and named it the “STHILL Ring”. Our goal was to design a new friction ring with low maintenance, high performance, no spare parts consumption and longer product life. Thanks to the new spring design where we have removed the leaf springs and thereby diminished the dust accumulation, we have reduced maintenance times and extended maintenace periods.

Friction rings are outdated. Now there is the STHILL Ring which needs 90% less maintenance.

STHILL Ring Advantages

  • Increased lifetime
  • Simple assembly/disassembly
  • No spare parts consumption
  • No leaf springs collecting dust
  • Well suited for all winding core materials
  • Extended maximum clamping range
  • 90% reduced maintenance times and extended maintenance periods
  • The clamped winding cores do not slide to the side, thus producing rolls with smooth faces
  • Due to the reduced internal friction suitable for applications with very low tension, too
  • All necessary special functions can be added by simply adding/removing of spiral/round wire springs

Technical Details

  • 1.5” to 16” diameter
  • Widths from 7 to 59 mm
  • Suitable for shaft diameters from 35 mm to 200 mm
  • Can be manufactured from steel and/or aluminum
  • Can be used on cardboard, plastic and metal winding cores
  • Suitable for unidirectional or bidirectional winding
  • Manual and automatic activation options
  • Pre-centering thanks to spring-loaded balls
  • Suitable for machines with automatic core loading and unloading function
  • Production in over 500 sizes and functions
STHILL Ring (Steel) 1
STHILL Ring (Steel) 2
STHILL Ring (Steel) 3
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STHILL Ring (Steel) 5
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STHILL Ring (Steel) 7
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