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Sthill Ring

Sthill Ring

Introducing Sthill Ring: Revolutionary Spring Design Ranging from 1” to 16” in Diameter

Sthill Ring presents a groundbreaking spring design in fricition rings for core inner diameters spanning from 1” to 16”. This innovative design not only significantly reduces maintenance times but also extends maintenance intervals. The product's user-friendly assembly and disassembly feature facilitates seamless handling for users. By eliminating the issue of core dust accumulation associated with traditional leaf springs, Sthill Ring minimizes spare parts consumption. The result is an extended product lifespan, reduced internal friction, and an expanded maximum clamping range.

Key Features:

  • Production capabilities ranging from 1” to 16” in diameter
  • Drastically reduced maintenance times and extended maintenance periods due to the revolutionary design
  • Simple assembly/disassembly for user convenience
  • Elimination of leaf springs, preventing the accumulation of core dust
  • Minimal spare parts consumption
  • Increased product lifespan
  • Reduced internal friction, making it suitable for low-tension applications
  • Expanded maximum clamping range
  • Implementation of special functions through the addition/removal of spiral/round wire springs
  • Prevention of sidelay of clamped cores, resulting in reels with plain faces
  • Ideal for applications involving plastic materials
  • Choose Sthill Ring for a sophisticated solution that combines cutting-edge design with enhanced functionality for a wide range of applications
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