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Interview Oğuz GELGİ

Interview Oğuz GELGİ

In 50 countries, we offer solutions to our customers, including OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), within the Converting Industry. Our trade department has adopted the customer-oriented service approach with its technical knowledge, the ability to carry out the operations as soon as possible, to be solution-oriented and to provide different suggestions by understanding the customer expectations in the most accurate way.

In our main production items such as friction rings, friction shaft and safety chucks; we have earned the trust of our customers with our fast and satisfactory response to customer demands such as product quotation, technical information, technical drawing, design, sample or on-site technical observation.

Orders coming from our customers in the converting industry in line with the work flow processes of our department after the necessary technical examination is done, the system is entered and after the delivery date is determined, necessary notifications are made to our customers. In shipment operations that may require air, land, sea and / or multimodal transport, our company determines the most affordable, safe and fastest method for its customers and the corresponding service providers and follows these deliveries until the order deliveried.

As Reymak Machinery, we are happy to work with our customers who have spread over 4 continents in accordance with our business principles and customer-oriented service approach. Our trade department carries out the necessary promotional activities in order to reach the companies that are unawareness of Sthill brand yet and to benefit from the quality solutions we offer. We invite all international companies looking for a supplier who has proven its quality and reliability in friction rings, friction shaft and safety chucks products.

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